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Title: Contrast
Fandom: Criminal Minds/NCIS
Pairing: Abby/Garcia
Kink: Collars (wildcard square)
Wordcount: ~700

Garcia fussed over some of her knickknacks, straightening and rearranging as if she were expecting some kind of inspection. And in a way, she was. After being together with Abby for almost a year, she had finally invited the other woman to her apartment. The only ones who she had ever allowed in were Morgan and the rest of the team, and that hadn't exactly been under normal—or pleasant—circumstances. This was different. This was Abby and Garcia wanted everything to be perfect for her look at Garcia's inner sanctum.

It was so different from Abby's apartment, with its dark colors and coffins. But just as Abby's apartment fit her perfectly, so too did the bright colors and soft textures suit Garcia, and she wanted her girlfriend to like that as much as she liked the rest of Garcia.

A buzz from the entrance and Garcia froze, twisting one of her rings around on her finger nervously. With quick steps, she made her way over to the intercom and pressed it. "Abbs?"

"Of course. Change your mind about letting me in?"

"No. No, of course not." She hit the button to unlock the door and took a deep breath. She wasn't some high school girl getting ready for her first date or prom. Abby wasn't her first lover. This was a normal step in a relationship and she was ready for it. She was. There was a knock at the door. Garcia reached over to open it, and at the first sight of the woman on the other side of the door, all her worries melted away.

"So? Do I pass?" Abby asked with a grin, spreading her arms in presentation.

"Baby, you know that you're always top of the class," Garcia said, tucking her fingers under Abby's collar to pull her closer for a kiss, and then to tug her inside.

Despite Garcia's previous nerves and it being Abby's first time at Garcia's, they still fell into their usual routine easily enough. They made dinner--well, ordered Chinese and made a salad. Neither one of them were particularly enthusiastic cooks. And if the cherry tomatoes for the salad were casualties of an impromptu tomato-throwing fight, no one else needed to know that.

When the Chinese finally arrived, Garcia dumped it into bowls while Abby dished up the salad. They talked about the lighter, less-gory parts of their day—databases hacked into, random trivia from Reid, funny things Tony had done (and been head-slapped for).

Even after they finished eating, they stayed on the couch for a while, just talking. Abby stretched out, her head resting on Garcia's lap. Garcia started to play with her collar again, hardly even realizing it. She had never really noticed it before, it was just part of the rest of Abby. But somehow, in her bright, colorful, soft apartment, the black leather and spikes seemed to take on an entirely different meaning.

When they were undressing for bed, Garcia suddenly said, "Leave that on."

Abby looked over at her, surprised, her hands on the clasp for the collar. Then she started to grin. "Kinky," she said, leaving the collar where it was and moving on to the rest of her clothes, moving slower and more sensually now that she knew Garcia was watching.

As if she wasn't always watching, Garcia thought, grinning to herself. Watching Abby was one of her favorite things. This evening, though, much of her attention was on Abby's neck. Well, that wasn't so unusual. Garcia had always liked Abby's neck. Touching, licking, kissing… But tonight her attention wasn't on those possibilities. Tonight she was more interested in what was on Abby's neck.

A simple strip of leather with metal studs shouldn't be so fascinating, or arousing. And if it was just lying on a table somewhere, it probably wouldn't be. But being around Abby's neck… It seemed to transform both itself and the neck it was wrapped around.

Garcia stepped forward, once again slipping her fingers under the collar to pull Abby closer. It was useful too, she thought, savoring the kiss. Maybe she'd start having Abby leave it on more often.

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From: [personal profile] hamimi_fk
o___o This pairing. OMG, yes. I can totally see it.

Great fic. ^__^


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