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Title: Invaders in Hollin
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: None (random hawk PoV of Fellowship)
Prompt: Beasts: Hawk
Wordcount: ~200

In the land of Hollin, it was rare for even the eyes of a hawk to see much more than prey and larger not-prey animals. Certainly no people wandering through to scare away or steal the prey. And definitely no people camping underneath an innocent hawk's nest a disturbing him. Never that.

The hawk looked down at the campfire below him. He was supposed to be sleeping, and then these...these...these not-prey, arrogant, annoying people had to stumble into his nice clearing. His clearing. Not theirs. Never theirs. And they had prey! Prey that they had stolen from his land! His prey! And they were cooking it, of all things! Ruining it!

The hawk shrieked, and one of the not-prey people looked up, but none of them left. The hawk ruffled his feathers in annoyance and flew off. He'd find another perch for the night, away from stupid invading not-prey.

Legolas smiled, keen eyes tracking the hawk the flew off from their camp. "A hawk," he said, answering the silent question from the hobbit standing next to him. "I fear we disturbed his rest."


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