Fic: Lost

Mar. 2nd, 2012 05:46 pm
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Title: Lost
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Denethor II
Prompt: Emotions: Grief
Wordcount: ~200

His son was dead. Never again would he see Boromir's face, or hear his voice ringing across the Citadel. Not even properly interred in the crypt, but left in a boat to fall over a waterfall. Not even that little bit of peace would be granted to Denethor the Steward, the peace of being able to visit his heir's final resting place and take comfort in any presence that remained, as he could with his wife.

Only Faramir was left to him, Faramir and the city. Faramir was not the dutiful son that Boromir had been, preferring to live with his Rangers in the wilds of Ithilien than to aid his Father in the rule of their great city. Rule of the city... Even that would soon be lost to him.

He had seen Isildur's heir in the Seeing-Stone, saw him coming to reclaim what he surely considered his birthright. Arrogant... Whose line had kept Gondor safe for him to reclaim? Whose line had held the forces of Mordor at bay? His! Not Isildur's heir's! They would take everything from him. First his son, then his Stewardship... Probably his younger son too; Faramir had always been too enamoured with tales of the Old Kingdom. What would that leave him? A broken man, aged beyond his years, with nothing to live for and only his memories and the grief that they carried to keep him company.


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