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Title: The Green Dragon Presents...
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Daisy Cotton
Prompt: Diner's Club: Bacon; Food: Vegetables; Occupation: Cook
Wordcount: ~300

Daisy Cotton was quite justifiably proud of her cooking. People came all the way from Michel Delving to eat, drink, and spend a night at the Green Dragon. Once, they'd even had a hobbit from Bree-town, though all the townsfolk agreed later that he'd been a mite queer. But really, that was the way of hobbits raised in unnatural places--anywhere outside of the Shire being unnatural, of course.

True, her husband insisted that it was the ale that brought in that patrons, and Daisy couldn't argue that Foclo's Dragon's Breath Ale wasn't the best in the Shire (for all that it had lost the brew-meet to the Golden Perch for three years running), but how could it be anything but her food that kept hobbits coming back? Exactly. The ale, good as it was, was just there to wash down her delicious meals.

She puttered around the larder. The inn was sure to be busy tonight, what with Bilbo Baggins's grand birthday party coming up in just a couple of days. Why, she could practically hear the roar from the common room all the way in the back! Nothing hobbits liked better than to share the news over good ale and better food.

Hmm. Bacon, she thought. Always a favorite, and with so many strangers in, it wouldn't hurt to make an extra good-impression so that they'd go home singing the praises of the Green Dragon to their friends, family, and neighbors. And to go with it... A nice fry up with some vegetables would be just the thing, Daisy decided. Fresh from the Gaffer, there were no better veggies to be found in all of the Shire. The Green Dragon would be the second-most talked about thing, behind Mr. Bilbo's party. Wonderful!


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