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Hi! Thank you for writing something for me! As in any challenge, optional details are totally optional, these are just some preferences, followed by potential plot ideas, if you feel like taking them! I know I always like having a starting point, but if you have your own idea, go for it! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

In general, I like fusions as well as straight-up crossovers, maybe even a bit more. Also, I'm fine with you combining more than two fandoms, but all the prompts listed will be for two fandoms. Because I'm lazy like that.

Request 1
Avatar: the Last Airbender/Game of Thrones (TV)/Marvel Cinematic Universe/Star Wars (All Media Types)

Fandom-Specific Preferences:
Avatar: the Last Airbender: I'm not a hardcore shipper, so anything is fine with me. I do have a slight preference for Aang/Katara and Sokka/Suki, but The Promise gave me some Zuko/Suki feels, so IDEK. I would prefer that if you break up canon couples, you do it without bashing any of the characters.

Game of Thrones (TV): I'm familiar with the books, so you can throw in book-verse elements if you want (or even make it completely book-verse, that's cool too). Dany is my favorite character, but all of the Starks are awesome too. I do hold to the common fanon that R+L=J, but I don't mind if you prefer a different theory. Or if Jon's not in it at all, the theories don't even come into play. So... yeah.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: ...Nothing really special here. Not huge on shipping, so I would love if any teamshipping amongst the Avengers is background rather than front and center (or not there at all), but I don't hate any of the teamships, so if you really really really love one or more, you can throw them in and it won't ruin my Crossovering or anything. ;) I do ship SamSteve like burning, though.

Star Wars (All Media Types): My favorite sub-fandoms for Star Wars are The Old Republic, the movies (both prequel and original), and the X-Wing (book) series, but I'm pretty cool with anything except the comics and non-TOR games, since I haven't read or played them. :(

Avatar/Game of Thrones
1. Eddard Stark is a noble in the Northern Water Tribe. When the war is over and the Avatar has declared the old Fire Nation colonies free cities, belonging to no nation and to be ruled by representatives of all, he is (reluctantly) sent to speak for the Northern Water Tribe.
2. The Starks have been Waterbenders as far back as anyone can remember. It's said that Bran the Builder was so powerful that it was his bending that raised the Wall and kept it standing even a thousand years after his death. (Or they can be Airbenders, but then you probably have to make Bran the Builder awesome in a different way.) The only Firebenders in Westeros were the Targaryens, and those with recent Targaryen ancestry. Jon Snow bent fire for the first time when he was scarcely three.
3. Blah blah blah, Spirit World portal, the Gaang (including Zuko and Toph, and Suki if you really love me <3) falls into Westeros. It's a given that the Gaang will kick ass. The only real question is how much.
4. Prince Zuko is the son of a Mad King. Not that they're all that uncommon in the Targaryen line. The Gaang (commoner Katara and Sokka, blind pampered kick-ass noble lady Toph, last-of-his-line Lord Aang) are spearheading a rebellion against the Iron Throne. Is it bad that Zuko kind of wants to join them, if only to get away from his insane father, and equally insane sister-fiancee?

Blah blah blah, Spirit/Techie/Alien portal thingy, the Gaang falls into the MCU world. Possibly into the middle of Avengers tower/some team meeting thingy/the middle of a battle/whatever or vice versa. Tony Stark getting out-snarked by a pre-pubescent blind girl (who wants a suit like his)? Yes please! Clint, Natasha, and Sokka (and possibly Suki if you included her) being the only non-powered people in the room? (And Natasha giving Suki some tips. And possibly a gun. Because Black Widow.) Hell yeah! Aang and Steve bonding over spending decades on ice? Be still my heart. Aang and Bruce bonding over sometimes turning into unstoppable rage-monsters? JUST TAKE ALL MY INTERNET COOKIES, OKAY?!

Avatar/Star Wars
1. Blah blah blah, Spirit World portal, the Gaang lands amidst the Star Wars folks. Mon Remonda during the hunt for Zsinj (Wraith Squadron books)? Coruscant in the Jedi Temple during the prequel trilogy? Hoth/Yavin Four during the original trilogy? Republic or Imperial Fleet during TOR, where they meet four very unusual people? I don't even care, go nuts. Basically just the Gaang suddenly appearing where they have no business being and interacting with the Star Wars characters who are there to see them.
2. Benders are all Force-Sensitives, who just happen to manifest it a little oddly. A ship lands on the Avaworld and departs with some new Jedi Initiates. Maybe they're the ones who found Aang and lightsabered him out of the ice?
3. Aang is a grown man and is thrust forward as the person to deal with these strangers who insist they come from another world. Another world = spirits = Avatar's job, right? And what are these weird powers some of them have that isn't bending? And what the hell is that flying metal thing they have that's not an airship?

Game of Thrones/MCU
1. Tony being a Stark of Winterfell has pretty much become a Thing by now. I do not object to more of this Thing.
2. The Stark kids (including Jon) gain superpowers. Or at least are sufficiently badass to make up for not having them. Rickon = Hulk and Arya = Widow would be the best thing EVER, other match-ups can be assigned pretty much at will. :D
3. Blah blah blah, Bifrost/Convergence/Whatever, the Avengers (or specific members) land in Westeros. Natasha single-handedly decimates the male population just by killing everyone who attempts to rape her, and all is well in the land. Do they take sides in the war(s), fight the White Walkers, or just try to find the way home?

Game of Thrones/Star Wars
1. The world is known to the Galaxy (though it's not part of the Republic, because medieval stasis) and a Jedi happens to wind up there for some hand-wavey reason around the time Bran (or one of the other Stark kids, but I'd really prefer Bran) is born, and takes him back to the Order (with his parents' permission, please, no kidnapping Jedi).
2. Eddard Stark is appointed Senator for Westeros. He doesn't play the game of votes any better than he plays the game of thrones.
3. Less medieval stasis, more Westeros as a real member of the Galactic Republic. Jedi are called in to mediate before the War of Five Kings gets that far. Possibly even before Robert's Rebellion gets that far, up to you.

MCU/Star Wars
1. The Republic (in whatever era) makes contact with Earth. The Avengers really can't be blamed for assuming it's an attack. What else do aliens besides Thor ever do?
2. Asgard is a member of the Galactic Senate, and it's considered good training for the heir to the throne to be the Senator, so Thor is sent. Loki is a Representative (basically, he has Jar Jar's job...sorry, Loki), who thinks he could do a better job than his tactless, horrifically unsubtle brother. He's probably right.
3. Secretly-a-Jedi!team member? IDEK.

Request 2
Criminal Minds/Elementary (TV)/NCIS/Sherlock (TV)

Fandom-Specific Prefences:
Criminal Minds: Apparently I have a thing against teamshipping that I never even noticed myself until I wrote this letter. But again, not a fan in general, though even when it's not a gift, it doesn't make me back-button. I really love casefic, though, and that'll follow through all the fandoms in this request. Preferred team makeup (still optional, though): Yes JJ, no Seaver; Yes Rossi, no Gideon; Yes Prentiss, no Elle or Blake.

Elementary (TV): Please do not ship Joan and Sherlock. I love their friendship, without them getting tangled up in bed. Though Joan/Mycroft? Go for it. Again casefic = love.

NCIS: I actually don't mind Tony/Ziva, but I'm not big on the other ships. Preferred team: Gibbs, McGee, Tony, Ziva (plus, of course, Ducky, Abby, and Palmer). I don't mind Kate, but I prefer Ziva and Kate to Ellie. Again again, casefic = love.

Sherlock (TV): John/Sherlock is great. Finally, a team I ship happily! No other real preferences for this fandom, aside from the regular casefic = love request. :D

The main theme of all of these prompts is going to be casefic. Because casefic. If you don't want to do casefic, that's fine too! There just won't be many prompts here for you. XD Sorry.

Criminal Minds/Elementary
1. Gregson calls Sherlock in on a bizarre murder, only to find the FBI's BAU saying that it's the work of a serial killer that they've already been chasing. Team up time!
2. The BAU has a case in New York, and after it's wrapped up, Reid goes to a meeting, one that Sherlock is also attending. Alternatively, Sherlock and Joan chase a case down to DC, and Sherlock attends a meeting there.

Criminal Minds/NCIS Abby/Garcia. Abby/Garcia everywhere. Pre-ship or ongoing, I don't care. Just Abby/Garcia is my favorite ship to ever ship.
1. A serial killer the BAU is tracking kills a sailor. NCIS is on the case, and despite jurisdictional friction, they team up. (It probably helps that the BAU is used to other law enforcement taking jurisdiction while they advise. But a Hotch-Gibbs staredown would be badass.)
2. Gibbs and Rossi were both Marines. Granted, they were separated by twenty years or so (Vietnam to Persian Gulf), but comrades of Rossi could have been COs of Gibbs? Or maybe they were in the same unit and there's some kind of reunion thing? Look, IDK, I'm not a military person. This prompt is just Rossi and Gibbs happening to meet, and possibly Gibbs snarking about the FBI while Rossi goes all profiler on him. Whatever.
3. Pure Garcia/Abby. Anything about them. Anything at all. *grabby hands* I don't even care. Just lay it on me.

Criminal Minds/Sherlock
1. Sherlock was tracking a criminal in England when the trail suddenly went cold. Then he finds news of too-similar killings over in the States, so he drags John overseas to finish the case. But the BAU is already working on the American end, and when someone identifying himself as a sociopath inserts himself into an investigation, there are going to be questions.
2. Prentiss, after leaving the BAU and now working for Interpol, somehow winds up working with Lestrade's team...and Sherlock and John.

1. Sherlock and Joan are hired to investigate a case. No big deal, just another day for them. Except the case is in Virginia. And it's a sailor or marine. And there's already a team investigating the case, and they've got no reason to accept or want help from civilians.
2. Joan is a fan of Thom E. Gemcity's Deep Six novels. He does a booksigning. She goes.

1. Bodyswap! The Sherlocks wake up in each other's bodies and even their great deductive minds are having trouble figuring out what the hell is going on.
2. Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes are actually distant cousins (both Sherlock and Mycroft are old family names?) and somehow they both get roped into attending some kind of family reunion thing. The only decent company at the thing is each other.
3. Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes are completely unrelated and their synchronicity of name and vocation is just one of the little jokes of happenstance. As is the fact that on a supposed holiday to New York, Sherlock!Sherlock finds himself drawn into working the same case as Elementary!Sherlock.

1. ...Yeah, okay, I don't really have much of a plot, except a repeat of 1. from Criminal Minds/Sherlock. Sorry. :(

Request 3
2 Broke Girls/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./Marvel Cinematic Universe/X-Men (Movieverse)

Fandom-Specific Preferences:
2 Broke Girls: If you could cut down some of the racism and homophobia from the show, that'd be great. No soapboxes, if possible, but...yeah. Caroline/Max is great, but I really love gen, so... You know.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I would lovelovelove if the timeline is arranged so that it is before The Thing With Ward. Or if The Thing With Ward doesn't happen. Though I do like Triplett, so...? Not a huge fan of teamshipping still, but Ward/May is canon, and Ward/Skye and Fitz/Simmons are nearly so, so I don't mind it too much. But please no Coulson shipping? <3

Marvel Cinematic Universe: ...Nothing really special here. Not huge on shipping, so I would love if any teamshipping amongst the Avengers is background rather than front and center (or not there at all), but I don't hate any of the teamships, so if you really really really love one or more, you can throw them in and it won't ruin my Crossovering or anything. ;)

X-Men (Movieverse): Currently, I'm really fanning over FC/DOFP, but I liked the original trilogy too. And if you set it in the Good Future from DOFP and Erik and Raven are there, you win all the chocolate on the internet. I like Bobby/Rogue, Scott/Jean, and Erik/Charles for ships, but feel free to surprise me!

2 Broke Girls/SHIELD
1. Coulson walks into a diner. Coulson sees Max. Coulson remembers Darcy. Coulson wonders why Darcy is stalking him after he gave her iPod back.
2. When Skye's in New York, during her pre-SHIELD days, she likes hanging out at the diner. The food is crappy, the service is worse, but Max is totally hot.
3. Caroline thinks she's managed to find something that might actually be valuable enough to sell and give the cupcake business a boost. Whoops, it's alien technology and SHIELD is here to confiscate it.

2 Broke Girls/MCU
1. Tony really got around. Max never knew who her dad was. Through some hand-wavey way, she finds out that Tony Stark is her dad. Neither of them are interested in this whole "family" thing, but apparently Pepper and Caroline both think it's important?
2. Back when Steve was still a scrawny little guy, he and Bucky sometimes went to this little diner. Wandering around the brand-new New York, Steve finds that there's still a diner in the exact same spot. He goes in.

2 Broke Girls/X-Men
1. Before Caroline attended Wharton Business School, she attended Xavier's School for Gifted Children. Her mutation is fairly low-key, and maybe not useful in day-to-day life, so she keeps it quiet. Then some of her old schoolmates start showing up.
2. No diner, just Max and Caroline being unhappy roommates at the school. And then they bake cupcakes.

Okay, this one's kind of cheating. Because, well, technically they ARE the same universe. But meh.
1. Coulson & co. are rebuilding SHIELD. They run into various Avengers.
2. Natasha managed to get a glance at the information she was releasing to the public. And she saw Coulson's name, on something dated after the Battle of New York. She recruits Clint and maybe Cap, and they go track down Coulson's team, while he's trying to rebuild SHIELD.
3. (Pre-series, post Avengers 1) May might be out of the game, but that doesn't mean she's going to let herself get soft. Her favorite sparring partner is Romanov.
4. (Pre-series, pre-Iron Man 2) Just for fun, Skye hacks into Stark Industries. Tony catches her at it. Once he knows she didn't get into any Iron Man specs, rather than being angry, he's kind of impressed.

1. There's no such thing as psychics? Professor Charles Xavier begs to disagree.
2. Skye's a mutant. This tends to add another barrier to the whole "trust" thing she's trying to build, so she keeps it quiet. Except then they run into a whole group of mutants, one of whom clearly knows Skye, and then it's the Miles Lydon debacle all over again.
3. Coulson (and May?) is a teacher at Xavier's School for Gifted Children. the rest of the team are students. They are put together on a project. Hilarity (or possibly an explosion) ensues.

1. Okay, so I really like the idea of Erik being kept by Shaw at a HYDRA base, and then he's rescued by Cap (and the Commandoes). And then he helps them. And helps hunt for Cap (because come on, that shield has got to be like a beacon to someone like Erik).
2. Anything where the X-Men and Avengers team up. Anything at all. Also anything where they at first think the other team is the bad guys and proceed to beat the shit out of each other before they figure things out.
3. Moira joins SHIELD! Come on, she would be a kickass SHIELD agent. And with Peggy as one of the founders, they had damn well better appreciate women more than the CIA.


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